To install the Zep Python SDK with Zep Cloud support, you’ll need to install a release candidate version.

pip install --pre zep-python


To install the Zep JavaScript SDK with Zep Cloud support, please install a pre-release version tagged with @next.

npm install @getzep/zep-js@next

Initialize Client

import os
from zep_python import ZepClient

API_KEY = os.environ.get('ZEP_API_KEY')

zep = ZepClient(api_key=API_KEY)
API Keys are project-specific. You can generate a new API key from Project Settings.

The Python SDK Supports Async Use

All methods are available as both sync and async, with the async methods prefixed with a.

For example, zep-python has both zep_client.memory.add_memory and zep_client.memory.aadd_memory methods.


The pre-release version of the zep-python SDK includes ZepChatMessageHistory and ZepVectorStore classes.

These are designed to work seamlessly with LangChain’s Python Expression Language.

To integrate these classes into your application, ensure the langchain_core package is installed. For installation guidance, please consult the LangChain documentation.

Import the classes as shown below:

from zep_python.langchain import ZepChatMessageHistory, ZepVectorStore


Stay tuned! We are in the process of updating our LlamaIndex integration to be compatible with the latest Zep API.